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The Sudden Poo

This poo was created using pizza, eggs and baked beans. Not all at once. It took a few days, and came on quite suddenly just as I was starting to think I might have got constipated again.

Poo Planet

This poo was really just a series of nuggets, one of which I caught and reproduce above. It looks like a little planet. It’s a little strange to consider how it might have been shaped into a near-perfect ball on its way out. I’d been eating mostly pizza.

Colossal Diarrhea

This photo doesn’t even begin to tell the story of the poo I did this morning. It has been a long time since I had diarrhea like that. In fact, my bottom ached after about ten minutes of near constant poo. What you see in the photo is merely the final drop of solid after about ten gallons of liquid. I was exhausted afterwards. I had to have a shower. I’m starting to think that, after eating a lot of pizza, I might in fact be lactose intolerant. Dairy seems to cause problems. Drank a lot of Coke too, which probably didn’t help. Hmm, and I ate eggs too, for the first time in almost a week.

The Pizza & Hot Dog Poo (part 2)

Just thirty minutes after the previous poo, this one came out. Very quick, no problems. Again, hotdog and pizza with beer were behind this. It looks like a load of pebbles, or perhaps a map of Greece. No offence to Greece.

The Pizza & Hot Dog Poo (part 1)

Yesterday, all I ate was a hotdog and, later, a pizza. I considered adding something healthy to the mix, but never quite managed it. Oh, and two pints of beer. The result is above. Pretty sloppy, although more was to come just half an hour later…

The Pizza Poo

It wasn’t my idea to get a takeaway pizza, but we’d eaten turkey the previous two days so it seemed a nice change. Had some Coke, too, which I don’t normally do. Anyway, less than an hour later – bang! This was a real rush to the toilet job. Thinking about it, earlier in the day I’d eaten bacon and eggs (yeah, my diet over new year was soooo healthy), so the fat intake was pretty high, and the Coke can’t have helped. My diet in the past week has been very different from the usual pattern, and I’ve got to say I’m looking forward to the chance, hopefully, to get back on track.

Welcome to The Poo Blog

Every poo I do in 2010 will be photographe, displayed and discussed on here. Why? Why not. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway, we might learn something :p

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