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The Back On Track Poo

I think things are starting to get back to normal. I think. This one was the result of a pretty sensible day’s eating. Spaghetti bolognese, then in the morning a sandwich. It came out in two distinct parts. The first is party hidden in the photo, but was pretty big. The second, smaller part is in full view. Constipation over, methinks. Still going to give eggs a miss for a few days, though.

The Baked Beans Poo

As soon as I started this blog, I stopped pooing 😦 Seriously! So this latest poo is the result of continued effort to get things moving. It’s only my fourth poo of the year, and I should really be on my eighth. So I’ve been eating a lot in the past day, culminating in a whole tin of beans for lunch today and a lot of wholemeal bread. There should be more poo, really, but I didn’t want to strain, since I accidentally saw a documentary about piles last night and definitely don’t want to have that kind of problem…

The Bran Flakes Poo

This one was a long time coming. Eggs are to blame. I had six eggs in two days. Eventually I resorted to a cereal binge in order to get some fibre. An hour later, this emerged. As you can see, I’m still getting used to taking clear photos down the toilet, so apologies that this isn’t the sharpest image in the world. Experiments continue.

Welcome to The Poo Blog

Every poo I do in 2010 will be photographe, displayed and discussed on here. Why? Why not. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway, we might learn something :p

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