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The Slightly Alarming Poo

Well this is bad! There’s not supposed to be blood in poo, not ever. It can mean lots of bad thigns, from simple haemmorhoids and a scratched anus to bowel cancer. I’m hoping this is just a one-off, possibly due to the constipation I’ve been suffering recently. Hmm. Well, we’ll find out soon enough! In the meantime, I decided to go one step further this time and record a video of the poo emerging, and as you’ll see, it was a surprisingly long poo:

The Mussels Poo

It’s been a week since I had any eggs, and things are getting more regular. The above was the result of a sandwich at lunchtime and then, later, a bowl of mussels. We’re back to one a day now, which is a relief. I’m also drinking a lot less alcohol (especially wine!) which I imagine is having a significant effect. Hmm. As much as I love eggs, I’m delaying another portion for a few more days…

Welcome to The Poo Blog

Every poo I do in 2010 will be photographe, displayed and discussed on here. Why? Why not. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway, we might learn something :p

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