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Colossal Diarrhea

This photo doesn’t even begin to tell the story of the poo I did this morning. It has been a long time since I had diarrhea like that. In fact, my bottom ached after about ten minutes of near constant poo. What you see in the photo is merely the final drop of solid after about ten gallons of liquid. I was exhausted afterwards. I had to have a shower. I’m starting to think that, after eating a lot of pizza, I might in fact be lactose intolerant. Dairy seems to cause problems. Drank a lot of Coke too, which probably didn’t help. Hmm, and I ate eggs too, for the first time in almost a week.

The Whisky and Coke Poo

I hadn’t drunk whisky and Coke for quite a while, but it seems to have something of a shrinking effect on my poo. However, I suspect there may well have been a lot more round the corner, up the U-bend… No blood this time, though, which is good!

The Salmon and Biscuits Poo

Salmon is very healthy, biscuits perhaps less so. Even ginger biscuits. The poo above is a result of both these substances having been consumed in the past day. Plus some Coke. I must say, it’s rare for me to produce skid marks like that in the bowl. Perhaps I was sitting further forward on the seat that usual? I had to get the toilet brush out for this one…

The Biscuit Poo

Looking at a poo is a bit like taking a Rorschach Test. You notice odd shapes of things, and suddenly that’s all you can see. Above, I see a chicken wing on the right. Consequently, the whole thing now looks to me like a chicken. I haven’t actually eaten chicken for weeks. I don’t mind it, but it’s not something I’m too keen on. The poo above is probably the result of a stir fry last night, plus some Coke and a few biscuits. But still, what I see is a chicken

The Immediate Post Eggs Poo

I ate eggs again! And this happened! 🙂 Actually, I think the key to the whole thing is Coca Cola, which seems to get things moving. This poo is photographed from quite an unusual angle. It was actually quite long. But yes, eggs (and salmon) on bread for lunch, a glass of Coke, and look what happened.

The Pizza Poo

It wasn’t my idea to get a takeaway pizza, but we’d eaten turkey the previous two days so it seemed a nice change. Had some Coke, too, which I don’t normally do. Anyway, less than an hour later – bang! This was a real rush to the toilet job. Thinking about it, earlier in the day I’d eaten bacon and eggs (yeah, my diet over new year was soooo healthy), so the fat intake was pretty high, and the Coke can’t have helped. My diet in the past week has been very different from the usual pattern, and I’ve got to say I’m looking forward to the chance, hopefully, to get back on track.

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Every poo I do in 2010 will be photographe, displayed and discussed on here. Why? Why not. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway, we might learn something :p

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