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The Pizza & Hot Dog Poo (part 2)

Just thirty minutes after the previous poo, this one came out. Very quick, no problems. Again, hotdog and pizza with beer were behind this. It looks like a load of pebbles, or perhaps a map of Greece. No offence to Greece.

The Pizza & Hot Dog Poo (part 1)

Yesterday, all I ate was a hotdog and, later, a pizza. I considered adding something healthy to the mix, but never quite managed it. Oh, and two pints of beer. The result is above. Pretty sloppy, although more was to come just half an hour later…

The Thai Chicken Curry Poo

I feel that this is what a poo should be like. It has the solid consistency that you’d expect of a really good diet. We ate Thai chicken curry with rice the night before (home-made), and the poo you see above just slipped out nice n’easy the next morning.

Bat Face Poo

I was taking photos, trying to find a nice piece for a close-up, and this one leapt out at me. I thought it looked like a bat’s face, so I added some eyes and voila! Note: I didn’t sculpt the piece of poo. It came out like this.


Here’s a close-up of part of the Meatballs Poo. Do you think it looks like a chocolate-covered raisin? I do. Or a tongue. A big tongue of poo. Okay, let’s go closer:

Now I’m thinking asteroid, or aerial photo of a mud-slide. Or the back of a brown lizard. Or a diseased brain… But look how moist it is!!!!

The Meatballs Poo

This poo isn’t shy. This one’s very relaxed, and happy to state at me for as long as I want to stare at it. It likes having its photo taken, and it doesn’t particularly want to get flushed – although it’s not making a fuss, and will happily go with the flow when the time come. Which it did. I wonder where the Meatballs Poo is now?

The Chilli Poo

This one was caused by a chilli, and to me it looks somewhat furtive, like it can’t wait to get through the U-bend and is desperate for me to pull the handle. But I waited long enough to take this photo. For some reason, this struck me as a shy poo…

Welcome to The Poo Blog

Every poo I do in 2010 will be photographe, displayed and discussed on here. Why? Why not. Seems a shame to let it go to waste. Anyway, we might learn something :p

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